Red Wings Game at HP Pavilion

Hey everyone. So far we have about 25-30 people paid to come to the hockey game in January. Just a reminder for anyone that is still waiting to get tickets, we would like to try and get everyone signed up by this Friday Dec.15th. We are shooting for at least 50 people from MSU to come, so we are almost half way there. I know it is Christmas and all, but if you were interested in coming it is going to be a really fun time and it makes a great stocking stuffer :) So we do have several people signed up, so please do not feel like you will be the only one who would be going. For $33 a piece it is going to be a really fun night! Again, if you purchase your tickets, please send your email to Jeanne from U of M who is collecting the money. Also, please copy me on that email just so we can keep an accurate head count on who is coming. Thank you again to everyone who has helped out with this, and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Also starting in January, we will no longer be using the Yahoo Group page anymore unless it is some kind of emergency. we will be posting all of our events, news, information, etc. here on our web site… that is what it is for.

Lots of new events will be coming your way in 2007! We will be having many more events, watch parties, Poker Nights, Networking Functions, Scholorship fundraisers, Euchere Tournaments, Golf Outings, and many more Events than in the past. We hope to plan events and outings that appeal to everyone here in the Bay Area and if there are any suggestions, we are always willing to listen and plan around people’s interests. Again, please look for these events and encourage everyone to come to them because without involvement… there is no Bay Area Alumni Group!