Watch Party, Final Four

(Sing to the Motown hit “My Guy”)

“There’s nothing you could say to tear me away from Spartans.
Nothing you could do could make me untrue to Spartans.
We may not be the number one seed, but the Huskies will bow to our strength and speed.
You better be believin’ we won’t be defeated, Spartans!”

Congratulations Michigan State on making it to the Final Four!!

We play the UConn Huskies this Saturday, April 4th, and we have a great home court advantage with the games in Detroit. But, for those of us stuck out here in Sunny California, we need to band together and support the team from afar! So, come out and join your fellow Alumni for the road to the Championship!

Tip off is 3 P.M. PT, and you can meet us at Pete’s Tavern in San Francisco. It is large, full of TV’s and will allow us to get EVERYONE together in one location for such a huge game.

Pete’s is walking distance from the train. See you there!

Pete’s Tavern
128 King St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 817-5040

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Go Green!

3 thoughts on “Watch Party, Final Four”

  1. The 1979 championship game, the highest TV rated ever, between Larry Bird’s undefeated Indiana State and our Sparties with Magic, Kelser and Vincent, is being replayed on ESPN on Fri @ 3pm and Sun @10am.

    I was talking with Scott recently and he mentioned that he was not alive when we won in 79 so this is a great opportunity for all the more recent grads to see what got basketball at MSU rolling.

    It will be good for me to refresh my foggy memory of the actual game also. School was on spring break when the game was played but the dorms were open. I had a keg in my Holden Hall dorm room and combined with the mass party on Grand River after, some of the details are faded.

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