Watch Party, MSU vs UTK

Happy Saturday Bay Area Spartans!

What a special season this has turned into. We have been treated to quite a NCAA tournament and it just keeps getting better.

Your Bay Area MSU Alumni Club will be back at it again this Sunday morning as MSU takes on the Volunteers of Tennessee. MSU is looking to go back to Final Four since, well, last year! Sunday’s game will be at 11:20 a.m. and we will be hosting the event at Pete’s Tavern in San Francisco. We will have much more space at this location with the time of the game and the fact that we are the only team playing… So there will be ample seating for everyone. We are asking that you do arrive a little early if you want to secure a table for your group. We will be having some giveaways, and fun games for anyone who would like to attend.

In addition, since we hosting the event in San Francisco and we did not want exclude any of our friends in the Peninsula and San Jose. We will be hosting our own pre-game tailgate aboard CalTrain Sunday morning. We will be taking over train #425 as it rolls from SJ straight to SF (I will be boarding at the Sunnyvale stop at 9:14 a.m.). We will be taking over the 3rd car from the front where we can tailgate, drink some beverages, and get pumped up as we head to Pete’s which is only 2 blocks away from the train station in SF. If you are interested in taking the train and have any questions, please feel free to email me at I will answer questions all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I think the train will be a blast, looking forward to quite the morning!

So please join us this Sunday as MSU continues their march towards Indianapolis and history!

Hope to see you there!