New Board Members and Volunteers Needed!

If you’re excited about the amazing network that is the MSU Alumni Association and would like to get more involved with your local chapter, the SF Bay Area Spartans would love to have you! We are currently looking for more active board members and volunteers. If you’re interested in any of these positions, please email

Open Positions

We are actively recruiting new Spartan team members to join our board of directors! Available open leadership positions are listed below. Our board meets monthly to discuss the club’s activities, review finances, event plans, and member engagement progress. If you are interested in taking on a board member position, you should plan to attend all of the monthly meetings with exception made for extenuating circumstances.

We are looking for help in all areas not just leadership roles! So if you want to be more involved with the club, but can’t make the time commitment required to join the board, please consider joining the membership or fundraising committees, or one of the event planning committees (cultural, game watch, community service, social, or family).

Committee members aren’t required, but are encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings. We utilize a project collaboration tool to communicate online about internal club business, and committees will also will meet by phone or in-person as needed while planning major activities.

Club Secretary
The club secretary attends all board meetings and takes the meeting minutes. After the meeting the notes are documented and submitted to the President for approval at the next board meeting. If the secretary can’t make the meeting, they find a substitute to take the minutes and submit them afterwards. The secretary also coordinates the time and location of the board meeting with all board members, ensuring a reasonable place to meet with sufficient space, on a schedule that attracts the most board members to attend.

Communications Director
The communications director manages all aspects of public relations with our Spartan community. This includes interacting with alumni through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), posting event information through those same channels but also to the club’s website, and also sending out periodic club newsletters to our email distribution list. This position requires enthusiasm for regularly interacting with our Spartan community throughout the year, so it’s one of the more active and visible roles within the club.

Membership Committee Chair
The membership committee helps us to better engage with our alumni base by keeping track of local alumni in terms of both where they live, but also where they work and what position they hold. This type of information would help with fundraising, guest list planning, identifying keynote speakers, providing better job referrals, etc. Right now we do most of this spelunking using LinkedIn, but it would be better to integrate this information with our email distribution management tool so we can better segment and target the right alumni. This is something that would be built and managed incrementally, but at every event we host there is the opportunity to better capture this information and thus better serve our local Spartan community.

Fundraising Committee Chair
The fundraising committee works on raising money for our club and for our scholarship endowment. The fundraising committee’s activities span across event types, as at every event there is an opportunity to raise money. For example, selling 50/50 raffle tickets at our game watches, selling big-prize (autographed memorabilia, etc) raffle tickets at our business networking events, and selling club t-shirts at game watches. This committee also works on securing corporate sponsorships both for the club and to support our scholarship endowment, often in exchange for publicizing the company through our various communications channels. Sponsorships can take the form of event sponsorship rather than cash donation.

Social Events Committee Chair
The social events committee will focus on planning on executing an event once per quarter. This committee overseas business networking events, happy hours, bowling nights, etc. One of the important social events is the Wine Country Tour. The wine country tour is an annual event for the club where we take a bus load of Spartans up to Sonoma to visit wineries, enjoy a nice lunch, and interact with fellow Spartans. Social event planning can require coordinating bus transportation, figuring out event rental contracts or venue reservations, catering, bar service, recruiting keynote speakers, budgeting and communications planning. If the event requires ticket sales, there is also on going customer service to provide once sales begin, addressing issues or questions from alumni, plus charting sales progress and managing ticket inventory.

Cultural Events Committee Chair
The cultural events committee would plan and execute at least two cultural events per year. This could be a docent led museum tour, a group outing to the symphony, ballet, theatre, or opera, a night at SFJAZZ. Something that is different from sports watching, community service and business networking. These types of events will help us to attract a different portion of our Spartan community.

Family Events Committee Chair
The family events committee will focus on planning and hosting at least two family-friendly events per year. One of these events would be the Spartan Family Picnic which occurs every August as a send-off for new Spartans from the Bay Area who are departing for their freshman year on campus. Other event ideas might include a trip to the SF Zoo (led by a biology professor visiting from MSU). A day on Angel Island picnicking, hiking and playing games. Parents and kids go and live aboard the U.S.S. Hornet for a one night. Take a trip to the petting zoo or spend an afternoon riding horses. Group outing to the Children’s theater in Palo Alto, etc.


Club Membership

There is currently no fee for joining the San Francisco Spartans, however members of the Michigan State University Alumni Association often receive generous discounts at club events. Call the MSUAA at (877) MSU-ALUM from 9am to 5pm ET on weekdays, or join online.