About Our Alumni Club

The San Francisco Bay Area Spartans Alumni Club serves friends and alumni of Michigan State University that work and/or reside in the following counties: Santa Clara (South Bay), Alameda, Contra Costa (East Bay), San Mateo (Peninsula), Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma (North Bay), and San Francisco.

There is no fee for joining our local alumni club. Have you recently moved to the Bay Area? MSU and our club may not know how to get in touch with you! Please go to alumni.msu.edu and follow the link to “Update Your Info” on the top right of the main page in order to update your contact information in the centralized MSU alumni association database.

Board Members

Sara Sobon, President
Nathan Hanna, Treasurer
Chad Lesausky, Club Photographer
Aimee Wise, San Francisco Game Watch Co-Director
Alyssa Schaefer, San Francisco Game Watch Co-Director
Megan Macciomei, Oakland Game Watch Director
Lauren Seebold, Communications Director
Bobby Ireland, Community Service Events Director
Rohan Israni, Social Events Director
Aiman Farooq, Professional Events Director
Justin Bugajski, Past-President

New Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively recruiting new Spartan team members to join our board of directors! Available open leadership positions are listed below. Our board meets monthly to discuss the club’s activities, review finances, event plans, and member engagement progress. If you are interested in taking on a board member position, you should plan to attend all of the monthly meetings with exception made for extenuating circumstances.

We are looking for help in all areas not just leadership roles! So if you want to be more involved with the club, but can’t make the time commitment required to join the board, please consider joining the membership or fundraising committees, or one of the event planning committees (cultural, game watch, community service, social, or family).

Committee members aren’t required, but are encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings. We utilize a project collaboration tool to communicate online about internal club business, and committees will also will meet by phone or in-person as needed while planning major activities.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our open positions!

OPEN, Vice President
OPEN, Club Secretary
OPEN, Detroit Sports Events Director

Role Responsibilities

The President is responsible for communicating the overall MSU mission, strategic goals, and committee objectives to members of the San Francisco Bay Area Spartans Board of Directors and any other alumni volunteers, HQ staff, administration, faculty, and students; as well as inspiring and motivating alumni to understand the benefits of involvement with the MSUAA and the University. The President presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors. The President directs the duties of the other officers and serves as an ex-officio member of all standing committees of the San Francisco Bay Area Spartans. The President additionally chairs the Executive Committee, when in operation, and serves as a voting member of the Nominating Committee for board elections.

Past President
The Past President is the former President of the San Francisco Bay Area Spartans and, as such, performs duties assigned by the President of the board of directors. Additionally, the past president serves as a member of the club’s board and the Executive Committee for the year following his/her term. The Past President serves as the chair of the Nominating Committee for two years following his/her presidency. The Past President serves a term of one year beyond their term as President.

Vice President
The Vice President assists the President with leading and coordinating board meetings. They follow up with individual board members and Regional Clubs liaisons. The VP provides leadership and coordination oversight for all club events, especially those indicated by the club President while also filling in for the President when s/he is unable to attend events. The VP is the President’s “Right Hand” and critical back-up person.

The Secretary manages all record-keeping and correspondence. The primary responsibilities of this role involve handling administrative details between the club and MSUAA HQ, and keeping the club’s documents available and up-to-date. The Secretary maintains the club’s records, including club by-laws and the club charter. The Secretary also records and reads the minutes for club meetings and for meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the club’s bank account per the club and the university guidelines. They will also oversee the overall club budget and keep records of all financial transactions. The Treasurer will collect and distribute the club’s finances (bills, receipts, scholarship fund, etc.) and also works with event chairs/President to ensure that events are within club’s budget.

Communications Director
The communications director manages all the outbound public relations for the club and is the our voice to the greater alumni community. This position requires a larger time commitment than other positions, since we have multiple communications channels to manage: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, E-Mail, and our Website. All of the channels need to be kept synchronized with consistent messaging about upcoming club events and alumni news. Experience with managing social media, WordPress administration, MailChimp administration would be helpful. As well as any experience with graphics design is a bonus. Effective written communication skills are required for this position. If you are new to the various technologies we are using we can train you, but please come ready to go with lots of drive and enthusiasm for helping us connect all Bay Area Spartans!

Community Service Events Director
The community service event director coordinates all of our community outreach efforts, holding events on a quarterly basis throughout the year. They will research, contact and collaborate with the sponsoring organizations to ensure a successful event. They will manage the volunteer sign-ups and promote the events with the communications team. They will also organize post-event lunches for the volunteers.

Game Watch Director
Apart from week to week game watch event planning and hosting, the sports events directors job is to develop and execute an overall plan for Football and Basketball seasons. Advanced notice makes it easier for local Spartans to plan ahead and make sure they don’t have conflicting plans the day of the event. The Director will work with the Communications team to ensure the word gets out about locations and times and any special considerations for the event. Swag, fundraising, and 50/50 raffle prizes should also be taken into account when hosting events for higher profile games. One critical task the coordinator is charged with, is to locate a game watch site and assist the President with maintaining a relationship with the business owner. Hopefully, the location is easily accessible to a majority of the clubs area and provides a spacious and friendly atmosphere for events to take place. It is important that the location be willing to play MSU events on their televisions, and have access to all Fox Sports channels, Big 10 Network, and ESPN channels.

Detroit Sports Events Director
This director works on planning and executing our “in person” sports events when the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Lions are playing in the Bay Area. This role will help facilitate group ticket sales through Eventbrite and potential tailgates for Tigers/A’s, Tigers/Giants, Lions/Raiders, Lions/49ers, Pistons/Warriors, and Red Wings/Sharks, as well as any time MSU has an athletic team somewhere near the Bay Area.

Welcome home, for Michigan State University alumni in Northern California this is your place to gather.