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Broad College Networking Event in SF

The School of Hospitality Business within the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University and the San Francisco Spartans invite you to participate in the premier forum on Hospitality Industry Disruptive Innovation: Action-Reaction.

The program is designed to be an adventure and intellectual journey to open your minds to the ever changing landscape of hospitality business and engage with thought leaders on understanding new business models and strategies to adapt and position your enterprise for success. We look forward to your support, engaging with students, and networking with alumni and industry leaders.

For tickets and further details, visit our Eventbrite page: https://msubroad-sanfrancisco.eventbrite.com

VC Taskforce ICA 2012 Gala

Another exciting event is coming up that I wanted to give you an opportunity to attend! Rick Brounstein ’71 is Chairman of VC Taskforce, and wanted to extend a special invitation for Bay Area Spartans to join him at this event.

Rick is also responsible for organizing our upcoming Broad College Networking Event, about which you should’ve received notice previously. Two great events, hope you will be able to join us for both!

This year’s ICA Event Gala will be held on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Additional event details are available below.

If you would like to attend the gala, register online today!

Full event description from Rick:

The VC Taskforce Gala is awarded annually to honor an outstanding member of, and contributor, to the venture community. VC Taskforce is a Silicon Valley-based organization established in 2001 to create a variety of programs that provide information and insight on current strategic and tactical concerns of the venture capital community and the management of venture-backed companies. This is now our 4th Annual Innovation Catalyst Award Gala and has expanded this year to the beautiful setting of the Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club where we have been able to double our capacity. We expect 200 or more attendees, and have put together a very social yet very professional program. I am chairing this event – so it is going to be fun and a ‘must’ event to be at – in my opinion.

This year we are honoring the Draper family. The family has been key in building what we now know as the Venture Community in Silicon Valley, and worldwide. The General, Tim’s grandfather, was a diplomat who, in 1959 founded Draper, Gaither & Anderson, the first venture capital firm on the West Coast – before we were Silicon Valley and before the term VC was invented. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bill, Tim’s father, continued the evolution. In 1965 he founded Sutter Hill Ventures; his recent passion is the DFK Foundation that sponsors entrepreneurial-oriented CEOs in the not-for-profit world. Matt Flannery, CEO and co-founder of Kiva will be a special guest speaker. He is drawing so much interest. The DRK Foundation was the first major donor to Kiva. Matt is an industry visionary and was named to Fortune’s “Top 40 under 40” list in 2009, and was chosen for The Economist’s “No Boundaries” Innovation Award in 2011.

Tim is now the third generation Draper-VC and it is believed that one or two of his children may be the 4th generation of VCs. It has been a pleasure interacting with them. We have interviews with both Bill and Tim. Robert Winter, a VC Taskforce Executive Committee member (along with me) and a VC in his own right did a colorful bean bag interview of Tim that brought out Tim’s passion – and interacting with Tim at his School for Heroes provided a very personal look into Tim. These interviews are on YouTube and can be found on our website, and help build excitement for this special event. Tim continues to have a large impact on global investing and creator of viral marketing – and they are fun to watch. The bottom one is a great look at all those bean bags. Tim’s school, the old Ben Franklin Hotel in San Mateo is going to be special in my opinion. These guys have so much passion!

The presentation portion of the program kicks off with a guy you probably know, Franklin “Pitch” Johnson. Pitch will take the stage to offer recollections of the Draper Family – he has known all three generations of the family, including the late General. Pitch is a pioneer in Silicon Valley venture capital and co-founded Draper and Johnson Investment Company with Bill in 1962.

Steve Jurvetson, Tim’s partner at DFJ, is also going to be a key note speaker and talk about “Silicon Valley, Venture Capital and the Future.” When we met with Steve, he expressed his excitement for the future of the VC Community and suggested he can use his story telling to bring out his visions while weaving in the interests and accomplishments of Tim. We are so lucky to have these great speakers to honor the Drapers.

Emcee Ellice Papp of our Executive Committee will wrap up the formal presentations by hosting an informal fireside chat – at Bill’s suggestion. “We banter back and forth quite well and the group will enjoy this relaxed format more than a traditional speech.” We like Bill’s thinking and believe this will be a nice way to end the formal event. Ellice will wrap it up with the formal award presentation.

We at VC Taskforce have just sent out the invitations are registrations are starting to come in. Exciting. We are inviting entrepreneurs and the VC community to celebrate the many accomplishments of this dynamic and amazingfamily who started and shaped what we now know and take for granted as Venture Capital. I definitely want all our MSU Alumni to have the opportunity to attend.

The event itself is as much fun as it is special. Silicon Valley Bank has arranged for Twomey Winery (founders of Silver Oak) to pour – and the bank’s sommelier, Raymond Nasr, is expected to introduce the winery and hold a drawing for magnums of wine to kick off the event. More fun! We now also expect to announce that everyone will receive autographed copies of Bill’s The Start Up Game book at the Gala. The first 90 minutes before the formal presentation is exquisite Hors D’ Oeuvres (basically dinner) and these fine wines – plus a video session where others important to the Drapers can say a few words. There will also be a slide show going on with pictures of the family – much like at a wedding. And after Ellice presents Bill and Tim their award trophies we will all stay around for a nice dessert and coffee session.

Best regards,
Rick Brounstein
ICA 2012 Gala

Networking Event in Santa Clara


Sunday, October 28
Michigan State University
The Eli Broad College of Business
The School of Hospitality Business

The Bay Area Broad College Alumni Executives and
Broad College Dean Stefanie Lenway
invite you to join them
Sunday, October 28, 2012 / 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Silicon Valley Bank Headquarters
3003 Tasman Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

This event is open to all alumni, not just Broad College alums so please join us!

Dean Lenway will present an update of the Broad College’s impressive progress and successes.

Our Keynote Speaker is Tom LaTour (BA ’66, The School of Hospitality Business) entrepreneur, former president and CEO of the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, who currently leads his own brand The LaTour Signature Group, and has added winemaker to his list of talents.

Join us for Spartan networking and camaraderie, refreshments, a sampling of MSU Dairy Store cheese paired with an outstanding Pinot Noir from Thomas LaTour Vineyards.

Click here to register.
Questions? Send email to alumni@bus.msu.edu with subject line: October 28

Sponsored by The Eli Broad College of Business,
Silicon Valley Bank, and Thomas LaTour Vineyards.

Click on the links below to learn more about the featured guests:
Thomas LaTour and Stefanie Lenway

Hope to see you there!